Moa ‘methode’ pilsner


imageInteresting pilsner here from the boys at Moa brewing. We aren’t too sure whether this beer had over fermented or if it was just highly carbonated as the foam came gushing out.

Once we lost a quarter of the beer we served it into a flute glass. We have a cloudy, straw golden pour with at least an inch of bubbly white head that reduces down and omits thick sudsy lace trails down the glass. The nose presents a bready, almost sweet Belgian-like yeast character with undertones of citrus, banana, spice, candied lemon and grain make for a lovely, aromatic aroma. Highly charged carbonation with a fullish mouth feel. Quite fizzy, but that does seem to settle once the beer warms. Light citrus notes, banana and a slight funky yeasty spiciness initiates the palate. A mildly assertive bitterness gives the mid a drying effect which leads on to a dry, spicy hop finish. A decent malt backdrop is also tasted which does give nice balance to the flavour profile. The 5.5% ABV hands a nice little buzz to this pilsner but itt’s well disguised among the very Belgian inspired characters. This is a really good pilsner, probably one of the better ones that we’ve ever had the joy of reviewing. Credit to this Kiwi brewery, excellent beer.