Modern Times ‘Star Cloud’ Citra IPA


“There is simply no way to adequately prepare your taste receptors for the jaw-dropping deluge of flavor contained herein. Packed with financially irresponsible amounts of incredibly choice Citra, Cashmere, and Motueka hops, this hazy IPA is a miraculously tasty juice-bomb replete with notes of tangerine, lime, citrus, and tropical magic. It’s a seriously excellent combo that may leave you with an intense desire to high-five the can.”

Glassware: IPA

Appearance: Hazy pastel orange with a wispy overlay. It quickly peels back to the rim but still leaves a gorgeous cascading lace on the glass.

Aroma: Very light and lacking vigour. We’ve really got to dig our noses in to pull in the gentle rockmelon, paw paw, peach and citrus. Very shy Citra notes especially from a hop so high in alpha acids, it should be jumping out, but it ain’t. Some grassy and floral notes along with the creamy malt bill. Nice but very subdued.

Flavour: Again, where are the Citra hops?! Plenty of tropical fruit character i.e paw paw, rockmelon, guava, peach etc. None of the classic grapefruit, pith and oils typically seen from Citra. Creamy flaked oats and a hint of doughy malt balancing out. Kind of a dry and bitter finish with soft fleshy stonefruit drawing out.

Mouthfeel: Creamy and smooth but with a medium bitterness in the swallow. Nice plump body. 6.8% ABV well positioned.

Overall: Not overly thrilled by it. The lack of Citra character is disappointing, particularly as it’s in the name of the beer.