Modus Operandi ‘Cascadian Howl’ Black IPA


18951449_704244453093036_3945935369343508799_n (1)“Emerging from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, this Cascadian Black IPA is heinously howlin with heady hops whilst a subdued roast character lives in the shadows of this barbarian. Limited Edition release May 2017.”

Served in an IPA glass. Deep cola pour that reveals faint ruby edges when held to the light. A solid two finger head forms on top and maintains its shape brilliantly. Superb lace work as it ebbs.
Pretty much everything we’d want in a black IPA is emanating here. That pin point balance between the dark toasty malt and the clean piney American hops is dead set spot on. Every time we take in some roasted coffee the citric grapefruit is there to balance it out. Same goes for the licorice, tobacco and beef jerky against the white pepper, citrus and onions. Everything just evens out. So harmonious!
The texture is unbelievably approachable. The rich malts make for a smooth ride as the hops add their touch of bitterness around the edges. Moderate Co2 and medium body with the 8.1% ABV very well buried.
Again, that balance between roasted malt and piney hops plays out on the palate with just the slightest pronunciation on the toasty malt. A big drive of bitterness carries citrus notes across the mid as the dry, roasted coffee and malts set it up for a long burnt finish which reveals a hint of biscotti and subtle citrus in the tail.
Wow, just as we remembered it from GABS. This was almost the winning beer of the day for us but it was pipped at the post by a deserved winner. Another absolute cracker of a beer from Modus.