Modus Operandi ‘Espresso Martini’ Dark Lager


“Remember not so long ago when you could sit at a bar, bunched up with your mates feeling regal when you ordered an Espresso Martini? We’ve brought back this high society of the past back with this jubilation shaken into 500ml cans using the freshest beans from our mates at Allpress Espresso. Bringing you a silky mouthfeel that ripples long after your first sip, its all class minus the martini glass. Then just wait for the rich coffee hit overlaid by dark chocolate and caramel aromatics. Put your best kit on, stretch out within your 1.5 metres and enjoy a regal memory of yesteryear.”

Glassware: Stein

Appearance: Cola pour with a monstrous four finger head. It peels off quickly and settles to a wispy film. Very little lace in its wake.

Aroma: Let us just say that for one of us the trusty old Espresso Martini is a favourite cocktail so to cop this slightly weak and watered down version of it is a bit depressing. Sure, the coffee aromas are here albeit very subtle…too subtle. Some nice roasty-ness going on though, dark chocolate, coconut and burnt toast as well. Getting this weird Kalamata olive accent to it which is super strange.

Flavour: Gaaahhh…mirror image of the aroma. Watered down coffee and roasty malt but with a nice surge of chocolate, burnt toast and gritty earthy-ness through the mid. A flutter of spicy/piney hops peek through before it punctuates on a nice coffee roast, chocolate and toasty finish.

Mouthfeel: Slightly metallic but it holds up well enough for the style. Mild-medium body. Medium Co2. 6% ABV is absorbed nicely.

Overall: Kinda undecided. It’s slightly lackluster but it has some good traits. Unfortunately not enough to save it though.