Moon dog ‘Black lung III’ rum barrel-aged smokey stout


image“The first one (still one of our favourite Moon Dog beers) spent time inside Bourbon barrels; the second – the intensely smokey, woody one – made wild whoopee with the inside of former whisky barrels. This time around it’s rum (from Hoochery Distillery) and the results are closer to the balance between beer and barrel of the first affair. The effects of the barrel are prominent without being overpowering and some rumminess (which we’re pretty sure has a different meaning to what we intend, something to do with Benny Hill or 1950’s pier end postcards from Southend, Essex) comes through as the beer warms. The oak adds a drying quality to the beer too, which holds up nicely to an evening’s sipping, with or without pipe and slippers.”

Another quirky and interesting looking beer to add to the moon dog collection. This stout is the 3rd addition to their Black Lung series. Served in a beer tulip the mat black pour boasts deep mahogany hues when held to the light. Crowning it is a thin tan head that quickly dissipates, reducing to a halo with minimal lacing. It’s producing a slightly peaty aroma with wafts of fruit cake, oak, raisin, alcohol and subtle rum. In the mouth it’s mildly carbonated with an oily texture. Solid body. A decent espresso bitterness upfront is followed by hints of dark chocolate, biscuit malt and charred meats through the mid. A firm taste of smoke carries forward with a hint of whiskey and alcohol warmth lingering nicely on the rear-palate. Sits quite heavy in the stomach, almost like a meal. Going by that and the fact this stout is 8.7% ABV it definitely isn’t a session stout. Lovely offering to sit and stew over the flavours though.