Moon dog ‘Cold drip war’ coffee and chicory porter


imageWe honestly think this brewery would have to be one of the best in Australia. There aren’t many that can continually produce this level of experimental craft brewing as these guys do. Hats off to them.

Served in a beer tulip the opaque black pour produced a tight 1 inch tan head with good retention. Laced well. The aroma features the coffee really well though chicory is somewhat new to us. We know it’s a type of flower and we can pick up a really sweet and slightly spicy aroma very similar to rye. There are also solid wafts of liquorice as well so it could be either of these 2 but to an untrained nose we can’t be sure. Undertones of ripe cherries, milk chocolate, herbs and cocoa are absolutely delicious and adds backbone to the overall aroma. In the mouth it’s creamy and highly carbonated for a porter. Upfront an assortment of lovely flavours meet the taste buds. Coffee, chocolate, rye and subtle spice lay a tasty platform for an earthy, malty mid-palate. The finish is just as exciting with coffee, tart berries and a mild bitterness with excellent length. 6.4 % ABV is really well buried among the list of lovely flavours here. This is a well balanced, world class porter here. Absolutely delicious. Big ups to the boys from Melbourne, keep it up.