Moon dog ‘mustafa’s dancing helmet’ Apricot IPA


image“From Josh the brewer: “Uses NZ hops, heaps of blended turkish dried apricots in the boil. Rather delish! 9.2 per cent, smooth bitterness. I’m incredibly hung over and haven’t been home yet so am struggling for much in the way of descriptors……… sorry!”

Moon dog! Without writing an essay on these world class brewers we’d have to say they would be in our top 5 favourite Aussie breweries. The fact these guys teeter on the very edge of artistic craft brewing is a huge asset for them. This one we poured into an IPA glass and the appearance displays a deep amber orange with tonnes of suspended sediment. The 1 finger head collapsed quickly to a thin halo of foam around the edge of the glass. Minimal lacing. Straight away we picked up astringent wafts of booze balanced beautifully with the jammy apricot, spice, lemon and resinous pine. Mildly carbonated with a reasonably low IBU (60). Medium bodied with a smooth mouth feel, the palate is immediately drawn to the taste of apricot which sits beautifully on the tongue from beginning to end. Plenty of background fruitiness happening too. An evident alcoholic astringency (9.2% ABV) is balanced by a variety of malts in the mid-palate and rounded off by a bitter hoppy finish. Wow, so much going on here but it never becomes complex. Moon dog does it again, absolute pearler of an artisan craft beer. Big ups boys.