Mornington IPA


image“Mornington IPA is an American hopped India Pale Ale. Light orange-tinted amber in colour, this heavily hopped ale delivers rich stone-fruit aromas of peach and apricots. An initially sweet malty palate opens up to a fruity hop flavour and rising bitterness that will satisfy the bitter beer drinker.”

Served in an IPA glass. Quite a cloudy appearance with a deep amber hue. A flash of orange is seen when held to the light as a well retained two finger crown reduces and settles to a dense overlay. Patches of thick, blotchy residue are left clinging to the glass as we imbibe. Looks good. The spicy, aromatic hops work well in to the assertive citric bitterness. Certainly a resinous character in here too. Tropical fruits are delicate but discernible, we get mandarin, orange, passion fruit and mango against an underlying caramel malt back bone. Maybe a hint of apricot here as well. Good overall balance on the nose. A vibrant Co2 level gives the mouth feel a sprightly texture with medium body. We can’t find an IBU level anywhere but our guess would be around the 50 or 60 mark as it’s well contained but assertive enough to provide a good dryness on the tongue. Very palatable. The flavour profile begins with a super refreshing burst of citrus, passion fruit and peach with an insistent hop bitterness pulsing through. A gentle transition in to caramel sweetness plays out through the mid leading on to a crisp, dry finish with suggestions of apricot and stone fruits on the back end. Solid IPA. We wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s sessional but it’s pretty damn close. It’s also a very honest representation of the American IPA style. An all round good drop this one.