Mountain Goat Beer ‘Pulped Fiction’ Blood Orange IPA


16473083_641145206069628_1142488693112494247_n“Our brewer Alana has working on her home recipe for a blood orange IPA for a while and when we decided it was time to stump up and buy her a Braumeister she got straight to work on perfecting it.We had a great time tasting all the trial brews but when we tried the current version, we knew we had to share it with everyone.”

Served in an IPA glass. Pulped Fiction provides an attractive two-tone complexion with a ruby red centre working to amber edges. The head is short but well retained and holds a thick sheet for the duration of the beer. Nice lace work down the glass too.
The nose offers a dense and sweet caramel structure that’s rendered with juicy tropical fruits, ripe ruby grapefruit and rock melon. A little spicy too – pepper, aniseed and ground coriander wafts in and out. Hints of the 7.8% ABV are intermittent with a tempered warmth that gives the nostrils a bit of a tickle. A very well layered aroma here.
Oh yea the mouth feel is thick and chewy with good uplift from the Co2. The body has some weight to it, we’d say around the medium-full mark while the 80 IBU offers a hefty but well contained bitterness.
Excellent continuation from the nose – sweet and luxurious caramel malts initiate. They’re more than backed up by the surging hops as the first real taste of blood orange pairs up with ruby grapefruit, papaya, lychee and passion fruit. It drops in to a sweet, sugary mix of fleshy fruits and caramelized malts before it rounds out with an incredibly well balanced finish that hits a good length on the back palate.
Super impressive stuff here from MG. For us this only confirms that the part sale to Asahi has not affected the quality of the beer one bit. Spewing this is a rare breed though! We could easily see ourselves returning to this many more times.