Mountain goat ‘fancy pants’ amber ale


Mountain goat fancy pants amber ale“Amber ale is our epiphany style, the style that changed our view of what beer could be: malty and hoppy at the same time, looks great in a glass and eminently sessionable. We first brewed Fancy Pants a few years back, while pondering how we would make an amber ale if we were starting all over again. It’s got all the malt of our Hightail Ale, higher abv (5.2%) and more hop character”.

It would have to be quietly said but this brewery is most probably our no.1 Aussie brewery. Consistently releasing high rating beers hand over fist. And they’ve been doing it for years! Much respect. Served in english pint glass. The appearance is offering a gorgeously clear deep amber hue with a modest one finger cap that reduces to a fine layer over the top. Mildly laced. There is a very delicate aroma here, none of the features really lift up with enthusiasm but we can certainly pick out malt-driven wafts of caramel, fig, maple syrup, earthy hops, mango and a subtle hint of orange. Very conservative but certainly there to be enjoyed. In the mouth it feels light on with an oily texture. The carbonation levels are low with moderate body. The flavour profile seems to follow on from the aroma with its propensity to to restrain. Upfront we get a nice, juicy fusion of caramel, orange and stone fruits. The mid provides the taste buds with a suggestion of piney, resiny hops as it carries forward and finishes light and slightly nutty. 5.2% ABV. This amber ale just didn’t seem to have much flare. Let’s be honest, it is still a tasty beer but it failed to bowl us over like most of their beers do. We’d put it down as highly drinkable but a middle of the pack beer. Not bad.