Mountain Goat ‘hightail’ amber ale


Mountain goat hightail ale
“The Hightail has collected a small bag of awards at the Australian International Beer Awards over the last 8 years including Trophy for Best Draught Ale (Small Brewery section) as well as numerous gold, silver and bronze medals.This amber ale is one of the base range beers that make this organic brewery one of the best in Australia.”

Served in a shaker glass the pewter/ mahogany brown pour produces a small off white head that struggles to retain, eventually collapsing away leaving very little lacing. Aroma is showing plenty of roasted and toasted characters with a subtle nutty element which is really well balanced by the floral hops. As a good amber ale should this little beauty is giving off sticky undertones of caramel and toffee but it’s the big malt-forward wafts that steal the show. Gorgeous aroma. It drinks very well, the soft and chewy mouth feel is mildly carbonated with a medium body. Crystal and caramel malts upfront offer roasted flavours with burnt caramel coming in late. A touch of fruity hops on the mid-palate delivers a caramelised finish with hints of toast and roasted malts with decent length. Only 4.5% ABV so for such a mildly alcoholic beer the flavours and depth hold up really well. We’d also be selling this short not to mention it’s session ability. Such classy Aussie brewers these guys, keep it coming.