Mudgee brewing co. Black IPA


imagePicked this and a couple of other seasonal releases up from the brewery in Mudgee.

Served in an IPA glass the cola-like pour boasts crimson highlights when held against the light. The head constructs a fluffy 2 finger cap which offers excellent retention with thick, blotchy lacing being strewn all the way down the glass. The aroma is quite subdued, there is a strange tart sweetness that has us completely baffled. A double check of the label confirms we’re drinking a black IPA. Very subtle wafts of citrus, smoked malt and caramel round off a really disappointing aroma. In the mouth it feels silky with medium carbonation. Medium body. The flavour profile seems to be having the same problems as the aroma as this slightly tart, malt sweetness upfront is not working for us. Some faint hints of citrus, caramel and earth are coming forward while a mild bitter finish completes, essentially a very confusing beer. 6.5% ABV. All the elements point towards an amber or a dark ale, and if it were in fact an amber ale it would get an OK review but how the brewers call this a black IPA is beyond us. All the big, roasted and hoppy characters are completely MIA. Very uninspiring drop from this brewery.