Murray’s ‘punk monk’ Belgian strong ale


image“According to Head Brewer, Shawn Sherlock, “The basic idea for this beer is that it is an invented style – a hybrid of a few Belgian styles and influenced by Saisons, Belgian Blond Ales, with a nod to Belgian Trippels.” Murray’s Punk Monk carries the classic estery and lightly phenolic Belgian yeast character from the blend of authentic Belgian ale yeasts used. The body of the beer is complex with round biscuity German malt flavours initially filling the mouth before a surprisingly dry, summery finish for a beer of this size”.

A tip of the hat to Murray’s for another good looking beer. Served in a beer tulip the cloudy orange pour whipped up a 1 and a half finger off-white cap that’s maintained well. Good head retention which is drawing some nice lace trails down our glass. The aroma is distinctively Belgian. Wafts of dough, peppery spice, clove, pear, honey, subtle herbs, yeasty notes and alcohol adds to the complexity of this nose. In the mouth it’s creamy and well weighted with medium body and mild-moderate carbonation. Similar to the aroma, a slightly complex profile of flavours consisting of stone fruits, herbs, spice, malt and a light alcohol warmth comes forward. The 7.5% ABV provides a firm platform for the body of this Belgian inspired ale, but coupled with the heavy flavours it doesn’t make this beer very sessional, more of a quaffer that would go well with medium strength cheeses. Tasty stuff, keep em comin Murray!