New England Brewing Co ‘Hop Cannon’ IPA


imageThis American style West Coast IPA pours a pale golden and smacks of big fruit and pine aromas. Thanks to our Hop Cannon and 4 US hop varieties, the beer has flavours of pineapple, stone fruit and pine. Finish is solid bitterness with resin.

Poured into a schooner glass we do indeed see a pale colour for an IPA as stated on bottle. Slightly hazy. There is an off white foamy 10-15mm head that slowly recedes. Moderate carbonation seen here. Out of the bottle we get aromas of peach, pine, mild resin, sweet malts, but it’s all fairly subdued. Something almost sherbet like and floral rounds up the bouquet. First sip is surprising in its mild to moderate body. It’s slippery and a tad watery. We note 6.6% Alc vol and we must admit there is no booze burn at all. Certainly smooth in the mouth with some bitterness but we question the ‘solidness’. Mild carbonation in the mouth. It’s certainly easy to put down. More flavours of sweet malts, pine, a tang from the pineapple, and an earthiness lingers on the palate with the bitterness which is becoming more prominent now. There is no lacing down this glass but we admit it’s plastic. As we near the bottom of the glass we can’t help but focus on the watery body. It’s a nice smooth drop no doubt but nearing 7% Alc vol we feel more depth would be beneficial. We would love more resin. As this brew is bottle conditioned the beer now looks like the dreaded cooper pale as we pour the remaining into the glass. Hmmm, we like the smoothness. Flavour wise it’s not memorable but it’s not terrible. Overall, very doable for a session.