Noisy Minor ‘Echo Chamber’ NEIPA


45342219_976500882534057_7490121646498381824_n“Enter the Echo Chamber, where all your thoughts and tastes are validated by constant reinforcement, to the point where your ability for individual thought is as clear as mud. Like this beer. Inspired by the IPAs of the North East USA where one of our founders lived for 2 years, this IPA is generously hopped with Azacca, Citra and Melba added to the whirlpool and fermenter, then double dry hopped with El Dorado, Galaxy, Citra and Mosaic.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Bold amber with excellent clarity…we had to check the can momentarily, yep still says NEIPA?! It forms a short head which holds together and weaves a fine lace down the glass.

Aroma: Smells good! Clean, fresh and hoppy. Big impressions of pine, citrus, nectarine, white plum, guava, pineapple and unripened peach get amongst a semi sweet malt profile…mostly honey and caramel with a flutter of fresh white bread in the surrounds. Again we double take and it still says NEIPA on the can.

Flavour: Can’t quite grasp where they’re going with this. Upfront it’s nice and crisp, the hops shine through nicely bringing pine, citrus and some mixed tropical fruits…waiting for the NEIPA to arrive some time soon. Some underlining malt sweetness and booze warmth which finishes with a dry bitterness, citrus and sweet malts.

Mouthfeel: Quite full in the mouth, dry and slightly warm. Nicely carbonated with an assertive 55 IBU.

Overall: Let’s not beat around the bush there’s some real confusion here. On its merits it actually drinks like a decent Aussie IPA…it’s filtered, crisp and punchy yet it’s described as a NEIPA. This is literally the exact opposite of a NEIPA.