One Drop DDH Oat Cream IPA – Version 2


“Soft, Fruity, Cushy AF. A far reaching and satiating hop complexity with a soft recherché of apricot, citrus, passionfruit & coconut. Lactose from Bega, NSW along with an unadulterated focus on achieving a soft and cushy water profile help to take the mouth feels to the nek level. A novel blend of our house NEIPA yeast and one from abroad commingle to provide a stone fruit and apricot cushion for your mouth. This is the Second Version in our exploration series of this style, and an ode to our Hundredth batch through the brewhouse. Layers upon layers of cream and a smooth stone fruit character make for the most insatiable pillow slurping experience one could hope to fall neck-beard first into.”

Glassware: IPA

Appearance: Turbid off orange/sandy gold/dirty dishwater kind of affair. A short white head is formed which retains well enough to work a fine wet lace down the glass.

Aroma: Similar to V.1 with its heady stonefruit dominance, doughy/bready malt profile and super creamy lactose, vanilla and coconut. There’s one noticeable difference though, and that’s this real dusty and chalky character.. whether that’s the yeast or not we’re uncertain. Some citrus and passion fruit also creeping in late. Hhmm, maybe too much “oat cream”??

Flavour: Oh wow it’s so smooth and fluffy it’s like we’re drinking clouds. Subtle stonefruit initially but then the lactose, vanilla, coconut and oatmeal take over. A hint of peppery spice, mango and powdered sugar move in to a supremely sweet and creamy finish that endures.

Mouthfeel: Probably no need to say it but…it’s creamy AF! Light, aerated, fluffy, finely carbonated. 8.1% ABV very well buried.

Overall: Although the whole “oat cream” thing may have been overdone it still is a really enjoyable drop. Unbelievably smooth and silky, fruity and creamy. We actually prefer this over the V.1