Philter XPA


imageThis is a session beer that will meet you with tropical fruit aromas with a balanced finish. Naturally cloudy and easy drinking.

We love the 80’s style retro graphics on the can. Looks like Fosters. Hope it sinks better. Poured into a shaker glass, we see a straw/hay like complexion with a touch of haze. There is a nice sparkling white 10mm head with compact carbonation that retains really well leaving a frosting of lacing down the glass. Aromas initially are of tropical fruit like passion fruit, guava, with light malts with a faint whiff of honey. Nice and hoppy for a pale ale. Of note there is mild carbonation seen rising up through the body. First sip yields mild to moderate carbonation in the mouth. Bitterness is contained. More flavours now that are less juicy fruit, and more melon and lemon like. The body is mild and just glides down the gullet. We note the alcohol vol of 4.2% and its apt for a session pale ale. More and more of the juicy tropical hops disappear and the melon, lemon flavours now seem prominent, alongside easy drinking malts giving a sweetness of subtle caramel and light biscuit/wheats mixed with the drying and crispness of the brew. Is there is a touch of spice in the there? One thing for sure is that it is very smooth to drink and certainly sessionable. Interesting use of the word ‘XPA’ here. We unsure why. In this current craft beer market there are so many hoppy pale ales. This is just another one. Above all that though, we would definitely buy this over Fosters!