Pirate Life Mosaic IPA


image“Some of you may have noticed that Pirate Life has a sneaky habit of releasing new beers in a flurry. It’s been a while since the Pirate Life IPA, Hopco NZ Pale and Golden Era Golden Ale hit shelves last year and this week we have two more for you. First cab off the rank….Piate Life Mosaic IPA.”

Served in an IPA glass. She offers a bright amber glow with excellent clarity. A solid one finger head is formed which holds together well and posts a consistent set of rings down the walls of the glass.
Sometimes these single hop IPA’s can get a little one dimensional but the fruity, citrusy and piney characters of this world class hop will never become monotonous for us. These hallmark aromas of grapefruit, candied lemon, pine and orange peel balance out with a super subtle malt profile which displays crusty bread and biscuit notes. Simple but so aromatic.
The texture is crisp and clean with moderate-medium body. Nice and vibrant co2 with a somewhat restrained bitterness in the swallow. Very accommodating for a beer hitting the scales at 7% ABV.
Just like the aroma the flavour is dominated by these delicious mosaic hops. A slightly heavier pronunciation on the grapefruit with hints of orange peel, passion fruit and pine resin weaved through. The malt profile is a bit shy, a little bready if anything. Well balanced finish here – definitely citrusy with a mild lingering bitterness in the close.
Besides from a few one-off GABS entries we haven’t properly reviewed a PL beer for quite some time. This IPA has some uncanny similarities to Firestone Walker’s IPA’s in the sense of its super clean and honest aromas and flavours. We knew these guys were progressing but we may have underestimated the trajectory! A fine offering here.