Prancing Pony Brewery ‘Indie Kid’ Pilsener


24899896_784104431773704_8570601112077841989_n“This delicious traditional Pilsener is made with untraditional hops and is the perfect thirst quencher. Crisp and clean and very easy to drink.”

Served in a footed flute. Slightly hazy golden appearance. It forms a short white cap which collapsed but still managed to weave a streaky lace down the sides of the glass.
The nose is crisp and really popping – the perfect elixir for this warm summer afternoon. Very well balanced, we get heaps of zingy citrus fruits and herbs but it’s countered with a firm grainy malt backbone. Plenty of cereal malts, some spicy undertones and just a hint of boiled vegetables. Maybe some light florals creeping through as well. Pretty decent.
Like the aroma, the flavour profile is also crisp and super snappy. Slightly dominated by the grainy and crackery malts, cereal and hints of cardboard. The hops introduce themselves effectively, although subtle with citrus, fresh herbs and light floral tones. Some grapefruit bitterness develops late before it finishes dry and crisp with good duration in the tail.
The texture is light and sparkling with quite a hearty bitterness (36 IBU) following through. Nicely carbonated. Mild-moderate body. A solid session beer that’s for sure.
It’s clean, crisp and crush-able but without being unfairly harsh it is still somewhat of a run of the mill pilsener. It does hit the spot though, not a bad interpretation of the style.