Prancing Pony Brewery ‘Magic Carpet Midnight Ride’ Imperial Stout


12391454_458919700958847_8695328117751309099_n“An exceptional expedition strength imperial stout. Velvety smooth like a magic carpet. Pitch dark like a motionless night. Quite probably this ride will take you to the eternal stout nirvana where the gods of malt will put your weary soul to rest. This pony is enlightening.”

Served from this breweries ‘thoroughbred range’ 500ml bottle into a snifter glass. The obsidian appearance is topped off with a frothy three finger head that holds up well, gradually shrinking to a thick overlay that’s omitting hieroglyphic-style lace trails as it ebbs. Quite a rich and hearty aroma here that’s packed full of malts and roast. We’re not sure whether oats were used but we are definitely getting a somewhat grainy/porridgey scent coming off. Wafts of dark chocolate, coffee, charred wood and licorice all work nicely in the background to tie this lovely aroma together. The texture of this stout is overwhelmingly smooth considering the hefty 9% ABV. It’s amazing how the brewers have kept it so well hidden. There’s a considerable weight on the tongue as it gently grips on its way down. Quite plump in body. There’s a fantastic progression of flavours here too. Initially a slightly malty sweet flavour is boosted by a delicate alcohol warmth which is in turn again bolstered by a robust burnt character. Amazingly, midway when a slight hop dryness is introduced the flavour further intensifies with an earthy licorice-like complexity that converts in to a roasted finish with superb length on the rear palate. It’s a common belief that when you find one brilliant beer you’ll more than likely find another. This breweries India red ale is world class and not surprisingly this stout is also up there with it. Kudos for another top notch brew.