Prickly Moses tailpipe brown ale


imageNice to see this little micro-brewery from Victoria branch out from their core range and adding some colour and artwork to their labels.

We served this brown ale in a shaker glass and when held to the light the dark brown pour reveals some attractive mahogany highlights. Crowning it off is a 1 finger tan head that reduced to a firm layer that retains well. Good lacing. A vigorous swirl of the glass lifts up wafts of chocolate powder, cocoa, nuts, light roasted malts, vanilla and dates. Although a lot of nice fragrances the aroma as a whole seems a little muted, it would do this aroma a huge favour by having them all coming through a little stronger. In the mouth it’s full-ish with a frothy texture. Carbonation is a little higher than most with a little prickly (no pun intended) feel to it. The body is medium-full. We’re loving the heavy body on this, it’s almost drinking like a stout. Yes, the flavour profile definitely makes up for the mild aroma as a generous lashing of espresso, chocolate and vanilla initiates the palate. A subtle alcohol warmth opens up through the mid while a suggestion of nuts and roasted malts carry it forward, finishing toasted and slightly bitter with a bit of a sting in the tail from the 7.1% ABV. Good duration on the tongue. Overall this was quite a decent brown ale, the aroma was a little subdued but the depth in flavour surely made up for it. Good offering