Quiet Deeds ‘Knock On Wood’ Barrel Aged Pilsner


“Dreams of doing a barrel aged pilsner have long bubbled in the background at Deeds. After lagering for a month in tank, we racked the whole batch into Chardonnay barrels and let it age on oak for 90 days. The result is a crisp, oaky experience that celebrates Spring!”

Glassware: Flute.

Appearance: Transparent straw golden pour with a healthy three finger head nestled on top. Good retention and lacing as it ebbs.

Aroma: Certainly has a traditional character. Mixed herbs, mildew, lemon and a subtle hint of Riesling. We must say the Chardonnay barrels don’t seem to offer a whole lot, maybe a wee hint of apple/pear and other sweet and delicate fruits. Just a flutter of vanilla and oak coming across. Not much happening here.

Flavour: Ok this is where it’s all at. It kicks off with a herbaceous Noble hop quality which is fused through the delicate fruits and oaky Chardonnay – the latter displaying soft buttery accents. Quite pithy late in the piece, finishing dry, mildly bitter and grassy with excellent length.

Mouthfeel: Crisp and light. Smooth with a discernible bitterness post swallow. Mild-medium body, Co2 is spot on. 5.9% ABV is well concealed.

Overall: As soon as we saw this we knew we had to try it as we’ve never had a barrel aged Pilsner before. Did it excite? Well, no not really. We would have liked a bit more from the barrels but the base Pilsner was good.