Range Brewing ‘This Time Last Year’ DDH Pale Ale


“This Time Last Year is a double dry-hopped pale ale. Dry-hopped with Citra Cryo, Cashmere and Citra T-90. This beer is a beautiful light orange hazy gem that glows brightly in the sunshine. Fermented with a yeast strain with English origins, we get light stone fruit esters shining through. The dry hop intensity of this beer provides juicy passionfruit, pineapple and clean citrus zest. The finish is crisp and dry which makes for high levels of crushability. It takes us back to drinking pale ales from our favourite breweries in Bristol, Falmouth and London.”

Glassware: Shaker.

Appearance: Hazy sandy yellow complexion. It serves up two fingers of light frothy head which slowly reduces. Not a lot of lace to speak of though.

Aroma: One of the first things that strikes us is this certain herbal scent. It’s quickly captured by the potent hop oils and raw myrcene until it smells like a glass of pure hop juice. Gorgeous grapefruit and lemon punching through. Raw onion, subtle catty notes, pine/resin, vines, green mango and white peach as well. Brilliant stuff.

Flavour: Wow this is smooth as silk. Displaying more of a fruit salad quality as opposed to the hop oils and herbs on the nose. Stonefruit, tropical fruits and citrus while the hop oils, pine and catty notes take a back seat. Really dry and crusty malt profile laying down for the dry, piney and resinous finish. Excellent length.

Mouthfeel: Creamy, fluffy and well aerated. Medium body. Very finely carbonated. 5.6% ABV is well concealed.

Overall: Another impressive release from Range. Ultra smooth and silky, full flavored and totally crushable. Solid stuff.