Red island brewing ‘Quiet Deeds’ Vanilla Porter


image“A robust and rich porter full of vanilla, chocolate and coffee characters on the palate with moderate bitterness balanced with a trace of smokiness on the finish. For those who prefer to toast, rather than boast.”

This brewery from Melbourne, Victoria is one that we are always a little hesitant to try. We can’t quite put our finger on why, but this limited release porter looks as if it has potential and was an instant pick. let’s hope it stacks up. Served in to a beer tulip. The impenetrable black pour whips up a compacted tan head that gradually peels away and settles to a fine layer over the top. Lacing is scarce and wet but there are some trails being left behind. On the nose a commanding roasted character emanates the stongest, as a rich creamy vanilla scent evens it out. A firm waft of aniseed/licorice is detected and undertones of chocolate, coffee, charred wood and a hint of lactose fills it out. Quite nice actually, pretty good depth plus there’s a nice little balance that’s struck between the roasty and creamy characters. This porter holds a nice weight in the mouth and its creamy texture provides a silky smooth feel with a little tickle from the Co2 level. Medium-full bodied. What’s done really well is the masking of the 6.2% ABV, no sign of it whatsoever. Flavour-wise, a fine continuation from the aroma is displayed as a lovely roasted, nutty malt features upfront. As it flows through the mid the creamy vanilla aspect is backed up with hints of chocolate and earthy fig. A touch of smokiness is developed which descends in to a nice roasty finish. Great length. Well it’s safe to say this was a surprisingly good beer. Plenty here to like….brilliant balance of roasted malt and creamy vanilla, well bodied, smooth flow of flavours and a lengthy finish to round it all off. Solid brew from these guys, they’ve certainly notched back up in our book. Well done.