Resin ‘Sweet As’ Brown Ale


“Chur Bro, pop on your jandles and make your way down to Resin HQ to try our newest brew: Sweet As! This one is our take on a classic American Brown, switching up the usual roasted bitterness for a sweet chocolatey flavour profile. We’ve used New Zealand hops exclusively in this brew, with Motueka, Riwaka, and Kohatu. Plus, the addition of lactose increases the sweetness and gives off that sought after silky mouthfeel.”

Glassware: English Pint.

Appearance: Deep mahogany pour that shows ruby edges when held to the light. It constructs a light and fluffy two finger head which retains well and laces even better.

Aroma: Extremely fruity and sweet which screams an American influence. We’re picking up this jammy raspberry and or strawberry-like quality from it. We wouldn’t say chocolate but it definitely has a cocoa or carob accent happening as well. It has a certain herbal character which is totally throwing us…don’t get us wrong we like it, it’s just unique. Pine, red grapes and candied lime also peeking through. What the?!

Flavour: We’re sat here looking at each other waiting for any type of signal. Nothing comes until that good old look of acceptance comes over us. Clean and crisp pine, florals and fresh herbs cut through the nutty and toasty malts but it’s the assertive bitterness that removes all doubt. Hints of dank herbs and cigar box shift into a dry, bitter, fruity and mildly floral finish that lingers.

Mouthfeel: Pretty smooth, silky and moderately bodied. A rounded bitterness post swallow and a well placed 5.3% ABV.

Overall: It’s a well brewed American Brown Ale but we’re just not totally sold on the aroma and flavour profile. It’s not really gelling. Good but not great.