Rocks Brewing Co ‘ Boxer Red Ale’


imageA combination of red malts create a vibrant deep ruby red hue, a malt driven beer balanced by a stern bitterness.

Poured into a pint glass we see a ruby red colour with a nice fat 20mm off white head that just sits there like a cumulus cloud. Retains gloriously as slow bubbles emerge from below. Minimal carbonation seen through the deep red. Patchy lacing on the glass evident. The initial aroma produces a tang that is off putting. Is it a sourness? Is it umami? Is it stale? Gee wiz not a great start. Maybe some bread dough there, some caramel but the ‘tang’ overpowers. First sip produces smoked or ash flavours with again a tang like white vinegar. What is going on here?? Is this beer off? We are thinking we need to try a fresh version of is drop because if this is the real deal then it’s dreadful. ¬†Bitterness is contained on the palate with a mild body that is easily sessionable. Sitting at 4.1% Alc vol it explains the aforementioned comment. Like most ales it has watery body and you can this brew sitting in an English pub. Some lacing sticking to the glass as we imbibe. More flavours of caramel mixed with red malts and English bittering hops. It’s just that nose that you want to know why it’s so tangy. It’s sharp and we not sure whether it needs to be there. Hard to judge here. It’s smooth and sessionable. Hmmm.