Rogue beer ‘old crustacean’ barley wine


imageReally eye catching bottle here. Loving the swing top. The latest quirky and very crafty series by rogue hitting the shelves are showcasing everything from hyper pink to bright yellow to black and all that in between. Very smart marketing. Let’s just hope the flavour can match the awesome bottle because we dare say this wasn’t cheap ($42).

Served in a tulip glass the murky brown pour produced a dense 1 finger of off white head that slowly collapsed. Off the nose we can sense a dank and boozy beer. Plenty of cognac and sherry-like aromas are on offer. Considering this was brewed in 2013, whether this is an effect of oxidation is questionable, because they do work. Hints of brown sugar, raisin, toffee and caramel malt add an extra level of complexity to an already robust aroma. The mouth feel is quite creamy with low carbonation and full body. Upfront the sharp cognac-like flavours along with an astringent booze burn fill up the mouth. A slight hint of toffee and booze in the mid-palate moves forward into a dry and bitter finish. From beginning to end the high ABV (11.5%) is well evident. This is definitely better enjoyed as it warms up, so best you leave it out of the fridge for about 20 minutes before drinking. Be prepared for a buzz because this is one potent beer. Go easy, but enjoy, it’s actually quite a nice barley wine.