Rogue brewery ‘Shakespeare’ Oatmeal stout


rogueStout“This is a beer equally at home with oysters as it is with a homemade pizza and freshly tossed green salad (or as a float over ice cream). The only American beer in the Top Ten in Stuart Kallen’s “50 Greatest Beers In The World””

We thought, as this stout featured oatmeal it wouldn’t be a bad way to start the day. Especially when we’re off to Randwick for the races! Served in a beer tulip the opaque black pour provides attractive copper edges. Crowning it is a decent one and a half finger head that quickly reduced to a scattering of foam on top. Standard lacing. Great breakfast aroma too we’re detecting roasted coffee, malts, spice, chocolate, oats and a pleasant floral-like sweetness in the background (our guess is from the use of Cascade hops). Nothing really heavy in the mouth, just a smooth, creamy texture that goes down swell. Mildly carbonated. Body isn’t too heavy, quite light on without being too thin. Good balance here. The flavours are consisting of coffee, dark chocolate, oats and mild dark fruits. The finish offers a little bitterness (69 IBU) with a slightly short lived roasty rear-palate. 6.3% ABV was spot on and keeps all theĀ flavours well balanced. (Fact: the ‘pacman’ yeast as the brewer has named it actually comes from his very own beard! No joke it is produced within his beard and is used in his beer!) Now that you are armed with that info go and try one. Decent offering.