Shenanigans ‘Red Sky’ IPA


12113333_444765172374300_8430424064787850908_o“Originally brewed as a prototype batch for the Sydney Craft Beer and Cider Fair, the feedback received was so good we decided to scale it up and release it for Spring!
An American style IPA infused with jasmine and hibiscus flowers. Australian and US hops give this beer a citrus and passionfruit foundation which is built on by the exotic, floral aroma and flavour of jasmine flowers. The hibiscus flowers give the beer a subtle shade of red and a slightly tart and refreshing finish.”

Probably one of our most favoured gypsy brewers. We can’t bloody wait until these guys decide to open up their own brewery HQ! We’ll be there with bells on. Served in an IPA glass. Deep amber in colour but accentuated with a splash of crimson when held to the light. Capping off the attractive body is a beige two finger crown that recedes and settles to a thin but persistent layer with reasonable lacing being shed. Quite floral on the nose, this IPA is infused with jasmine and hibiscus so it’s obvious where the spicy and floral scents are derived from. We can’t ignore this kind of citric funk that’s coming through, almost tart in its acidity as it reminds us of fresh lime juice. Pine needle, grapefruit, roses and just a hint of caramel also get a peek in as this aroma becomes more complex by the minute. Strange yet unique in a way. The mouth feel is quite well balanced with a subtle chalkiness to it. There is an assertive bitterness (50 IBU) but it’s contained well enough to accommodate for an effortless progression down the throat. Decent body with lively Co2 as well. The floral spiciness of the hibiscus and jasmine comes through on the palate quite heavily also, especially upfront as the flavour reminds us of a sweet, fruity cider. A hint of lime juice develops late as an assertive bitterness bridges the mid and leads in to a dry and funky finish. Good duration. Look, it’s definitely not a bad beer but the feature flavours become a little cloying and too dominant by the end. Good for a one of quaffer but that’s it really. For us it’s too funky for an IPA.