Six String Brewing Dark Red IPA


21558882_749149955269152_1301395100951329021_n“It’s not red. Or is it? What at first seems like another easy classification as a black IPA gets mighty confused when you hold it up to the light because, yes, there’s definitely redness there. And as there would be because the recipe is based very loosely on the West Coast USA style Red Ale, tweaked and nudged until it’s arguably become Six String’s signature beer.”

Served in an IPA glass. We’re met with a seriously deep amber almost burgundy hue with a monstrous three and a half finger head on top. The foam slowly recedes and leaves a smattering of lace in its wake.
The nose offers everything you’d expect from agood red IPA – dank and heady hops but beautifully contained by a rich and sweet caramel malt base. Oodles of juicy fruits, bitter citrus and grassy/piney hop but just as much toffee, treacle and toasty malt to balance it out. Impressive.
Excellent transition on to the palate. Spiked with bitter citrus and pine resin but again it’s smoothed over by those sweet and silky malts. Some tropical fruit appears before the bitter citrus (grapefruit, orange peel etc) rolls in to the long and slightly dry finish which presents that recurring balance well on the rear.
Nice and full in the mouth. Smooth and creamy but also a touch dry with assertive bitterness (51 IBU).
We honestly can’t believe it has taken us so long to review this beer! We’ve been smashing them for years now and only just realised about a week ago that we haven’t reviewed it. Well, now we have and it’s just as we remember it – big, hoppy but not in your face. Well balanced by the malts with a delicious sweetness from go to woe. Solid offering.