Six Strings Brewing ‘Three’ Anniversary scotch ale


imageThis scotch ale is dark brown in colour, with a dominant malt aroma and flavour of nuttiness with some plums and raisins. This gives it a caramel dessert character. It’s all smoothed over by a warm alcohol finish and wee hop bitterness.

Poured into a pint we see a dark brown/deep mahogany body with a carbonated heads that fades instantly, leaving an oily like complexion where a head would normally sit, with very fine bubbles rising to the surface causing a swirling motion. Nose is alcohol, nuts, caramel toffee, and some dark stewed fruits alongside almost Belgian yeasts. First sip is definitely more complex. Decent booze that doesn’t overpower combines with a nutty malt, with more deeper caramels and a mild bitterness rounding out the palate. We note the IBU here of 23. Mouthfeel is moderate with an oily texture on the lips. Alc vol here is 8.8% and we certainly can taste it. Like a whiskey but not so harsh. Almost port-like but not as fortified. Close to being like a Pinot noir but not as light and fruity. There is a raisin like hit but it’s subdued initially as the beer is a tad cold. We get More dark fruits like white fleshed plums, figs, prunes combining with the slightly sweet yet almost salty caramel. There is an overall smoothness to this drop though which is very quaffable. Good length. We love the dark flavours, and really it’s exactly as the bottle says. We would suggest to age this. It’s got all the traits of a barley wine. It would be amazing. Certainly one of Six Strings better drops.