Social Bandit Brewing Co ‘Delinquent’ IPA


imageA hazy orange peach colour with Munich malt backbone. Citrus overtones with velvety pine. Use of Galaxy hops. Brewed and bottled on site from the finest malt, hops, and pristine alpine water from Mansfield VIC.

Poured into a shaker glass we certainly see a burnt orange colour with a big bubbly off white head that retains well to leave a sudsy rim on the glass alongside a 15mm head. Aroma out of the bottle is every bit Galaxy hops..sweet fruits – tropical like ripe pineapple and papaya with stewed fruit when combined with the caramels from the malts. There is pine intermixed into the tropical fruit. Aroma out of the glass has more citrus to it. Carbonation is moderate to high in the mouth. Almost too high. The bitterness shows up on the back palate but the caramel malts come in and squash anything overbearing. There is a drying affect on the mouth, almost like there is earth in the mouth, like dirt. 6.3 Alc vol here and it’s well contained. The head just has not budged here at all from the initial pour. Body is medium with thick lacing down the glass. As we near the end, the head has now almost disappeared, and we get the full flavour profile of pine, citrus and tropical fruit, mixed in with caramels. It’s nothing exceptional but it’s not terrible either.