Stewart/De Molen ‘Problem Solved’ Double IPA


18664697_695599187290896_7877930230394937673_n“We had a ‘First World Problem’…De Molen hopped across from Amsterdam and solved it. We are proud to present to you ‘Problem Solved’, our Belgian Double IPA with hints of Grapefruit and Citrus.”

Served in an IPA glass. We’re met with a pale amber body that’s capped off by a finger and a half of tight foam. Steady reduction, settling to a film that hangs a sheet of lace as it subsides. Looks a treat!
Super sweet on the nose…heavy on the artificial fruits that pay homage to fragrances like boiled candy, dates/prunes and cola. Quite syrupy as well, we don’t want to say it’s cloying but it’s definitely flirting with it. Hints of toffee apple, dried fruits, island rum and rich caramel malt really add to the complex nature of this aroma. Strange yet enticing.
In the mouth it has a dense texture with a somewhat muted 95 IBU. Has this somewhat flat feel to it, almost no carbonation. Medium-full body.
We taste sugar-coated fruits, pickled oranges and spiced rum on the fore. Hints of mango, rockmelon and paw paw ride the booze across the mid and lead to a sweet and dry finish that provides spice, caramel and tangerine on the back palate.
This is one complex little number. One bottle is surely enough as it becomes very sweet by the end. Loads of character although it’s just a little unbalanced in our opinion. Not bad.