Stillwater brewery ‘Saison Darkly’ Dark saison ale


imageThis is our first crack at this American breweries range and we’re liking the very eye-catching, sinister looking labels. We were told this brewery only brews Saison’s so if that’s true we’re hoping they nail their preferred craft.

Served in a wide-rimmed tulip the light black pour aroused a bubbly 2 finger tanned crown that maintains well. Good head retention being offered with healthy lace trails clinging to the glass. Off the nose we get a lively champagne-like aroma. We also picked up a strong waft of barrel aged cognac/rum, oak, tart cherries, rosewater and dates with firm florals cutting through. Very interesting, almost complex display of light and dark aromas here. The flavour is intense with medium to high carbonation and fullish body. Similar to the aroma there is a tonne of mixed flavours happening. Dense and heavy like a stout but balanced with light, fleshy pear/apple and¬†spicy characters. Firm roast and thick chocolate malts really confuse the palate, but in a good way. Hints of chocolate, dark fruits, booze, raisins and oak also come through. Starts heavy but as we get through it, it becomes much smoother. Exactly what a good beer with heavy flavours should do. At 8% it was exactly what this beer needed. What a beer, we can honestly say we have never tried a dark saison ale but we have now and we’re impressed. ¬†Brilliant stuff.