Stone and Wood ‘cloud catcher’ Golden ale


image“Touched first by morning light and often clothed in cloud, Wollumbin (also known as Mt Warning) is the Indigenous word for Cloud Catcher. Hopped with all Australian Galaxy and Ella, this full flavoured limited release ale has an aroma of apricots, a full bodied mouth feel from the blend of pale and crystal malts and finishes with a dry clean bitterness. The orange label features Wollumbin, the mountain which backdrops our Murwillumbah brewery, reflecting the aromatic elements and a style of beer which embodies this part of the world that we love”.

This is a limited release from the lads in Byron bay. This ale was poured into a tulip glass. Pours a dark copper/amber and there is a lot more fizz than expected from an ‘ale’. Leaves a tight 3mm head. Can smell stone fruit and pine. It’s rather pleasant. Can get mild caramel from the crystal malt. First sip yields grapefruit bitterness. According to the bottle, apricot and grapefruit are the flavours produced by Ella and galaxy hops from Australia. Each sips leaves next to no lacing on the glass. Mouthfeel is decent, with some carbonation only. Nice and smooth on the palate this ale. Quite sweet. There is a crisp, not overly drying end feel. Maybe a little watery here but not really an issue. At a alc vol of 5.5%, you could be swayed into a couple of these. The funny thing going on with this ale is your thinking it’s a weak IPA, then you think no it’s just a pale ale, just with heaps of floral hops. It’s a nice hopped ale this one from a good craft brewing in nsw.