Stone & wood ‘Stone Beer’ 2014 limited release


imageWe still aren’t sure what style of brew this is. Most categorise this as a ‘stone beer’ because of the brewing process which is used, but to us it’s somewhere between a dark and a brown ale. Whatever you choose this limited release looks a treat.

Served in a tulip glass the mat black pour produced a 1 inch brown head that slowly dissipated to a rim of foam around the edge of the glass. Laced quite well considering the slowly diminishing head. Aroma is so similar to the Lord Nelsons ‘old admiral’. Beautifully caramelised with roasted coffee bean, chocolate and malt dominating the nose. Undertones of booze, cocoa and burnt wood work wonderfully together to create good depth. Mouthfeel was mineraly with mild-medium carbonation. Medium bodied. The palate displays a gorgeous array of roasted flavours with coffee and chocolate taking the front seat. A spicy addition of hops delivers an earthy finish with hints of caramelised malt and espresso. Great length. These limited release ‘stone beers’ are a huge boost to this breweries already stellar reputation, once again we’re already looking forward to next year’s offering.