The Alchemist ‘Focal Banger’ American IPA


45216832_975707579280054_5217401867453071360_n“Focal Banger is an American India Pale Ale. We have a real love for IPAs here at Alchemist, and we strive to offer you the best hop experience that we possibly can. This beer is brewed using Citra and Mosaic hops and our favorite British malts. Truly an abundance of hoppy goodness…”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Cloudy, somewhat milky orange body which sports a thumb of finely beaded foam on top. There’s good retention and lace work as it subsides.

Aroma: We get a blast of fruity, piney and citrusy hops above a firm bready malt base. Slightly dank grassy notes, weedy herbs, florals, peach, subtle spice and earthy forest floor also coming through. We love it, we came in to it expecting another juice bomb but it’s not and we’re pleasantly surprised!

Flavour: Nice smooth entry with slightly dank herbs, citrus and mild tropical fruity hops following close behind. Developing bitterness, orange rind and grapefruit acidity rolling through the mid palate and on to the dry, aggressively bitter finish which offers pine and more citrus acidity on the rear.

Mouthfeel: Slightly astringent, warm and drying. Medium body and co2. 7% AbV and 90 IBU – both are only more than happy to reveal themselves.

Overall: Not actually sure why they’re so adamant about drinking from the can, it looks appealing in the glass…can’t say the same for some of the NEIPA’s getting around! Anywho, it’s an epic East Coast IPA with traits of West Coast aggression to it. World class stuff.