To Ol ‘Dangerously close to Stupid’ DIPA


imageWe don’t normally get any info from these labels because it’s in Danish. All we know is that this IPA is 9.3% so it’s likely that it’s going to be intense!

As we pop the cap on this one, we get strong aromas of booze, mixed with pine and citrus. We hope it’s not over the top. Poured into a shaker glass we get that typical golden copper look with a minimal head for this glass. There is a rim of lacing around the glass only. There is a massive amount of yeast sediment sitting around from the bottle conditioning. We say “sitting” as there yeast just sits there, like this beer is that viscous it can’t fall to the bottom. The aroma in the glass is much in malts, citrus aromas like mandarin, more pine, and a very mild booze hit now. First sip is powerful. Decent booze on the palate instantly, mixed with grapefruit bitterness, lime, pine resin, barley wine, sweet candied malts/sugars. The sweetness is almost cloying. There is a stickiness on the lips. The bitterness and booze lingers on the palate for a really long time. Body is moderate only. Carbonation is quite low also. The more sips we have, we just get booze on the tongue, covered with citrus hops, pine, maybe some honey, orange skin, and assertive bitterness, some spice on the tonsils like white pepper. We have an issue with some of these To Ol IPAs with high alcohol content because the balance seems just a bit off for our liking. All the really good DIPAs are really balanced, despite what level/type of malts used. This beer is not terrible by any means. Just requires more booze balance.