Trappistenbrouwerij De Kievit ‘Zundert’ Tripel


539211_465714063612744_4729403675372599495_n“For the first time in 125 years a new Trappist brewery opens its doors in the Netherlands. The name of the beer is Zundert , named after then place where the brewery stands. Zundert Trappist is a copper-gold, fermented beer with eight percent alcohol.”

This is the Netherlands’ 2nd Trappist brewery. 2nd only to one of the worlds most famous Trappist breweries, La Trappe. For us, it’s another Trappist brewery/beer we can tick off our list in our quest to try a beer from every Trappist brewery in the world.

Served in a wide-rimmed tulip glass. Pours to a deep amber hue with a soft copper tint. A fizzy three finger head is generated, eventually it retreats to a thick overlay with healthy lacing being strewn down the glass. Smells like a good traditional Tripel – rich, complex, fruity and yeasty. Banana, clove, bubblegum, and vanilla lead out while undertones of peppery spice, stewed apples, alcohol and crystalized sugars work in the background. Good texture in the mouth, medium-full in body with a vibrant Co2 level. The 8% ABV is detectable upfront but the burn does taper off as it progresses down with ease. So simple to drink. The palate somewhat mirrors the aroma. Very yeasty, quite estery, and a little fruity with a touch of spice coming through. The alcohol warmth is discernible but it eases off leaving a sweet, spicy finish to round it all off. Decent length. Excellent Tripel. Traditional in style and super easy to drink. May be not as good as the likes of La Trappe or Westmalle but it’s definitely a classy drop. More to the point, it means now only St Josephs and Westvleteren are the only two remaining Trappist breweries we are still to try. Challenge accepted.