Two Birds Sunset Ale


Two Birds Sunset Ale“Two Birds Sunset Ale is brewed using a distinct combination of malts including pale, wheat and Crystal malts to provide the round, rich, toffee notes. The addition of US Citra and Australian Cascade hops adds a twist of grapefruit and tropical notes to balance the biscuity malt base. This brew is round, rich and flavoursome. ”

We really dig chicks. We also dig chicks who can brew good quality craft beer even more. That’s what these two ladies from Victoria are doing, and are doing it quite well.

Served in a shaker glass the burgundy red pour produces a one inch white head that slowly collapses to patchy foam on top. Good clarity. Minimal lacing. We absolutely love the sweet, juicy aromas emanating here, lots of ripened dark fruits, caramel, toffee, bread and biscuit malt. Also a nice little undertone of almond and apricot in here too. Very nice. The mouth feel is slightly thin but a lively carbonation gives it a nice lift. Quite low in ABV (4.6%) which in turn provides a light bodied palate although there are still plenty of flavours to be enjoyed here, we initially pick up malty, doughy notes with toffee and a subtle hint of grapefruit. Some light toffee in the mid-palate is rounded off by a soft, dry nutty finish. Perfectly balanced and essentially a very welcoming beer. For a darker beer it’s very versatile it would pair nicely with red meat or dessert yet, it would still drink very nicely on a warm summers arvo. Big ups ladies. Good beer.