USA Brewery Tour – Russian River Brewing Co


34096001_864122190438594_316690732125519872_o 34203669_864122230438590_3469672901823692800_o 34214909_864122273771919_128248921754435584_oHere we are! The holy grail of craft breweries for a large number of craft beer enthusiasts. Not only famous for their Pliny (Younger & Older) but also for a whole host of other beers like the ‘ation sours – Supplication, Consecration, Sanctification and the Belgian range which include the Damnation, Benediction & Salvation. Then there’s the super limited release of Beatification which is a 100% spontaneously fermented Lambic sour which is aged in wine barrels. It’s a bit of a tongue twister but the demand it garners rivals most limited releases anywhere else in the country. It’s safe to say that this brewery is one of the most well known and respected in the USA and kudos must go to Vinnie Cilurzo (head brewer) for shaping it in to the huge and independent brewery it is today.

Equally as impressive are their flights. They come flush with 18 options which almost allowed us to knock over every one of their 20 beers in one hit! Our flight consisted of the STS Pils, Key Grip Pale Ale, Gaffers English Ale, ‘Ron Mexico’ (a standard Mexican Lager), Dribble Belt Hoppy Session Ale, Blind Pig IPA, Row 2, Hill 56 Simcoe Pale Ale, Tempo Change IPA, Pliny The Elder IPA, Redemption Blond Ale, Consecration Dark Sour, Perdition BDG, Damnation Golden Ale, Benediction Dubbel, Salvation Strong Dark Ale, Sanctification Sour and the Supplication Dark Sour. Every one of them with their own distinct brilliance.

We came, we saw, we conquered! And it lived up to every little expectation. We didn’t want to leave but with jet lag well set in and a lack of sleep coupled with a beer flight and a few pints of Pliny it was obvious we were going down hill fast! From Russian River, with love!