Wayward Brewing Pilsner


47060031_993393640844781_2657546430700322816_n“A crisp and clean Pilsner style lager; brought into the new world with the addition of Aussie Vic Secret hops. Ultra refreshing and perfectly balanced, complemented by subtle passionfruit and citrus hop characters. Don’t think too hard, just enjoy.”

Glassware: Flute.

Appearance: Golden amber with 100% clarity. There’s a big three finger head which persists and leaves a smattering of lace behind.

Aroma: Clean pine and subtle citrus notes fuse nicely with the semi sweet bready malt base. Also some earthy and herbal characters mixing around in there, mild spice, pineapple and passionfruit. Certainly in the new world style.

Flavour: Finding more of a grainy overtone with soft spicy hop bitterness and earthy accents. A bit of citrus tailing in late as it finishes slightly dry and crisp with a gentle bitterness on the back.

Mouthfeel: Super refreshing with light-medium body. Crisp clean texture and vibrant carbonation. Ultra crushable.

Overall: We like Wayward’s new shift in to cans. This pilsner is now part of the core range and while it hits the spot on this hot summer arvo it probably won’t be a return-to beer though. Unfortunately it’s just not that memorable.