The Little Brewing Co. ‘Wicked elf’ porter


image“Wicked Elf Porter is Robust in style. It is craft brewed using the finest Australian, German and British malted barley and classic English hops to balance. Overall, rich, full bodied, seductively smooth and sessionable, yet complex and rewarding. It is a perfect winter ale although popular demand suggests it will be available at other times of the year.”

This porter is the darkest of this magnificent breweries core range. Again, if you’re in NSW and live close to a Dan Murphy’s bottle shop this is a go to beer if you’re after something malty and roasted. Served in a beer tulip the mat black pour generates a 1 inch brown head that retains really well. Plenty of lacing being omitted after each sip. Tonnes of character in the aroma, displaying brilliant depth and complexity. Our first thoughts are heavily dominated, roasted malts that offer dark chocolate, mocha, iodine, chocolate bullets, oak, vegemite, cherry and fudge. Supposedly there are English hops in there somewhere….meh, who needs them when the malt profile is being this generous?? In the mouth it’s smooth as silk with a creamy texture. Low carbonation with full body. Upfront a thick, creamy mixture of mocha, chocolate and tiramisu is held up by a malty sweet mid-palate that offers a slightly tart hint of cherry. The finish returns to it’s roasted ways with chocolate, fudge and a mild bitterness capping it all off. Excellent duration on the tongue. 6.2% ABV is absolutely spot on. Wow, this is honestly a top shelf porter as it resembles itself as a rich, moreish dessert within our glass. This just exudes class with it’s full flavour, creaminess and superb aroma. Brilliant beer.