Willie the boatman ‘Old Salty’ Gose


imageGueuze/Gose isn’t a style you will see us drinking a lot of but our trip to Willie the boatman last weekend may change that. As they are sour beers the brewers would usually pair a glass of their Gose with a shot of schnapps to offset the sourness with sweetness….but….unfortunately they were fresh out so it was subbed with a piece of apple marshmallow which was just as effective.

Served in a flute glass the pale straw-golden pour offers a slight haziness with nice, active streams of carbonation. The short white head takes about thirty seconds to completely disappear leaving no head whatsoever. A vigorous twirl of the glass struggled to form any head but it definitely awoke the aromas with a sweet and super refreshing combination of honey and lemon with some light florals flowing through. There is a really nice, clean mineraly scent in here too, kind of reminds us of salt baths. We also pick up a faint hint of funk, banana lollies, coriander and limestone in the background too. Delicate yet very aromatic on the nose. In the mouth it’s light on with a slight metallic texture. Mildly carbonated with mild-medium body. Our first sip yields a subtle lemon tartness with just a touch of funk that develops a savoury saltiness through the mid. A touch of honey/malty sweetness carries forward and finishes dry and salty with reasonable length. 5% ABV is about on par for this style. In summary this is quite a nice beer that drinks easily and the balance between sweet and sour has been executed well. Decent offering.