Wolf Of The Willows ‘Wolf Blood’ Red IPA


18300861_688519214665560_1452170414984531964_n“Wolf Blood is a fresh and intense red IPA produced in collaboration with Bloodhound Bar in Brisbane. It’s all about hops, hops and more hops balanced by lovely caramel malts. Those hops are of a “citrus, pine and stone fruit” bent with some toasted malt aromas, resiny hop flavours and a dry rear palate and signature IPA bitterness”

Served in an IPA glass. She pours an attractive deep amber hue that reveals a strawberry edge when held to the light. It constructs a sturdy two finger head that retains beautifully, hanging a sheet of lace down the walls of the glass.
Absolutely loving the buttery, caramelized malt sweetness here, offering some really good uplift on the nose. Moreish toffee and butterscotch infuse magnificently with the tropical fruity notes of mango, rockmelon, paw paw and pineapple. Some very interesting undertones to it as well – we detect hints of toast, tree bark, rotting leaves and musk. Superb aroma.
Incredibly smooth and silky texture with the hop bitterness (66 IBU) developing late. Spiked with a bit of warmth from the 7.1% ABV but ultimately it offers a pleasant progression over the tongue.
Nice transition on to the palate. All that sugary caramel sweetness presents with an added focus on a somewhat toasty accent. Good carry through the mid, making room for those fleshy tropical fruits along the way. Strong finish, displaying its IPA origins with a lengthy hoppy conclusion.
Impressive stuff. Prior to this we’d received mixed reviews of this breweries beers but if this one is anything to go off then we’re keen to try the rest of their range. Solid offering.