Yulli’s Brews ‘Gretchen’ Organic Honey Kolsch


18034227_680290318821783_6860557138886070889_n“Gretchen is our take on a classic German style Kolsch, where a cold fermentation promotes a clean, lager-like finish to this early drinker. We sourced all organic ingredients for this one too. The beer finishes super clean and easy, with a lovely honey flavour on the back palate.”

Served in a dimpled mug. The light straw golden pour generates a two finger crest that holds together well. Steady reduction, working a patchy lace trail down the glass.
We certainly get a nose full of the pilsner malts initially; rice crackers and grains mainly. The honey aspect lends itself delicately with a somewhat nutty/woody note which leads us to think that either iron bark or yellow box honey was used. A soft citrus accent also makes up the aroma, balancing out the honey and grains. Not bad.
Very light, smooth and effortless in the mouth. Spritzy Co2 with a mild hop bitterness throughout (17 IBU). Mild body. Very accommodating.
It’s all very tame and inoffensive in flavour. Upfront its soft and subtle with hints of grain, straw and a mild honey sweetness. Hints of zesty orange blossom work in as it finishes on a kind of herbal honey note that pulls up a bit short on the back palate.
Just a tad too reserved for us. The honey element was a nice touch, although quite subtle. It’s one of those beers that would be perfect for an entry level craft beer drinker or even for an all afternoon summer shindig. Other than that it wouldn’t stand up in many other situations, in our opinion.