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Hargreaves Hill ‘Pursuit Of Hoppiness #10.2’ Hazy Triple IPA


“As an encore to the culmination of the Pursuit of Hoppiness series we have used the same base beer as the original Number 10 but added the iconic Hawaiian fruit twist of Passionfruit, Orange and Guava. Along with fruit additions, total dry hopping at 30g/L with Citra and Amarillo Cryo creating a momentous hop aroma and flavour.”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Fairly hazy pastel orange pour with some chunky suspended sediment eventually settling at the bottom of the glass. It was quite a pleasant sight until we saw that. Holds a decent off-white head with good retention and lace work.

Aroma: We can literally smell the POG juice a couple of feet away from our noses. Holy moly…under the nostrils the intensity is amplified further, we’re picking up oodles of tropical passionfruit, orange, guava, peach, mango, lychee and paw paw. The nectar is dialled up to 11 on this one. A somewhat dry and creamy malt base – definitely smell the oats, maybe a hint of hay and wheat grains as well. Nice.

Flavour: A mirror image of the aroma. The main difference being the slightly discernible 10% ABV. Other than that it’s just straight up POG juice with added stonefruits, lychee and a touch of mixed citrus which forms late. The finish is a little acrid but the intense fruit flavours and smooth oats help to put a bit of the fire out.

Mouthfeel: Smooth, creamy, medium body. The 10% ABV certainly adds some burn. Finely carbed.

Overall: Good beer but it could’ve been better if they had scaled back on the booze. That aside the POG component was delish – not overly sweet and balanced nicely. Smooth and creamy malts providing the texture. Solid addition to this series.