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Boatrocker Brewing ‘Sultana Of Saison’ BA Saison


29177931_826728300844650_6396312141858603008_n“Sultana of Saison is our Saison du Bateau fermented in fortified riesling barrels. The classic ester profile is complemented by delicious fruity aromas and flavours.
Unfiltered and bottle conditioned. Serve cool not cold.”

Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: Murky orange with a healthy two finger head atop. Good retention and lots of lace clinging to the glass.

Aroma: We’re getting slightly funky esters, floral perfumes, banana runts, tangy citrus, pear and cereal grains initially. Not detecting a great deal of the Riesling characters although there is a delicate hint of white grapes and sour apples. Fairly traditional nose here.

Flavour: Picking up more of the Riesling notes on the palate. Lots of pear/apple, peach, some banana developing later on in the piece. Quite musty as well, getting some woody spice, cereal grains and oak with herbs and tangy citrus in the finish.

Mouthfeel: The texture is mineraly and somewhat spritzy. The body sits around that medium mark with the 6.4% ABV reasonably well hidden.

Overall: Nothing overly exciting but it is a tidy little offering. Would have liked to see more of an impact from the time spent in Riesling barrels but other than that it’s a fairly decent saison.

La Sirene ‘Fleur Folie’ Saison


27332490_806295916221222_7979017734857601296_n“Fleur Folie (literally meaning blossom madness) is styled along a classic Saison Miel and on opening a bottle overwhelms you with fresh aromas of Wild Honey Flowers, pepper and spice. This beer is deep gold in colour with an orange hue and has a soft malt backbone, layered complexity and sweet malt tones which are rounded off with a dry prickly finish. The classic Belgian yeast imparts a kiss of tartness and orange blossom tones including a textured mid-palate with a lingering hop earthiness and lively effervescence to finish. We hope you enjoy our Folie as much as we do.”

Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: Cloudy off yellow colour with an enormous three and a half finger head on top. Slow and steady reduction with thick, patchy lace strewn down the glass.

Aroma: Really interesting, lots of depth and layering. We’re picking up tart lemons, sulphur, angostura bitters, florals, peppery spice and lemon sherbet. Some earthy tones but it’s nicely countered by a mild honey sweetness. Just a hint of yeast which imparts those banana, clove and funky barnyard notes. Lovely.

Flavour: Not as convincing as the nose, all the beautiful aromas don’t seem to follow through to the palate. It’s mostly dry and musty with light acidic and tart citrus out in front. Champagne yeast, some citric hop bitterness and peppery spice on the close. Nice endurance on the rear though.

Mouth feel: Dry, musty but also quite vibrant and effervescent. Highly carbonated. Fairly light body with a well tempered 6% ABV.

Overall: Some good points and some not so good. We still don’t understand why some brewers persist with the green bottles? With the risk of being light-struck and all. Lovely aromas but unfortunately that didn’t translate to flavour. We’ve had better from La Sirene.

Dieu Du Ciel! ‘Isseki Nicho’ Imperial Dark Saison


image“This very unique beer was born in 2009 from a special collaboration between Dieu du Ciel! and Shiga Kougen, a brewery from Nagano, Japan. Black in color, it is an hybrid between an Imperial Stout and a Belgian Saison. It presents predominant bitterness and roasted malt flavours, balanced by strong alcohol content. The finale is dry, complex and spicy, a typical signature given by Saison yeasts.”

Served in a goblet. Practically impenetrable black pour with a finger of loosely packed tan foam assembling on top. Rapid reduction, eventually forming a fine ring that laced surprisingly well.
Geez this is one seriously complex aroma here. At its base it is super malty, we pick up licorice, dark fruits, subtle whiskey, jaffa and black tea with this left field orange citrus and piney hop character cutting through. WTF?! At this point we double checked what we were drinking. Yep, still an imperial dark saison.
The mouth feel is rich, sharp, boozy (9.5%), bitter and somehow drying in the finish. We can visualize the brewers saying “hey, let’s brew something with almost every possible texture in one!”
How do we convey this maze of flavours to you. Again, it initiates with an explosion of dark spicy malts where licorice, jaffa, toast and cocoa are overtaken by earthy coffee, black tea and an unusual hoppy dryness midway. It all seems to soften a little before it finishes dry, roasty and spicy with a lingering warmth in the tail.
We have more questions than we have descriptions right now. What an outrageous but wonderfully intricate beer. We can see the “imperial” and we can see the “dark” but where the hell does the “saison” fit in? Right now we have stout, porter, quadrupel, black IPA and everything in between. Trust Dieu Di Ciel to offer this amazing drop!

La Sirene ‘Urban Pale’ Farmhouse Pale Ale


18582089_695599200624228_5332760669833587921_n“The Urban Pale is a hop-driven juicy Farmhouse Pale Ale made in our Urban Farmhouse Brewery. Expect grapefruit & pine-cone characters with an assertive bitterness that is enveloped seamlessly with melon, black pepper and citrus rind.”

Served in a shaker glass. The Urban Pale offers a rich golden hue with a faint haze. It constructs a thumb of foamy head which slowly peels back, leaving a thick and soapy lace sticking to the glass.
We’re getting quite a citrus-forward aroma that possesses a slightly tart undertone. The technicality over whether this is classed as a pale ale or a saison is probably a hot topic but there’s no surprises that this beer has farmhouse qualities (La Sirene specialise in saison) with its floral pot pourri and spicy black pepper notes getting amongst the litany of other scents like angostura bitters, crusty bread, candied lemons and straw. Lovely stuff.
Pretty smooth palate. There’s a short and sharp injection of hop bitterness mid way that lays down for a nice crisp finish. Mild-medium body with spritzy Co2.
The flavour follows on from the nose with a healthy display of tart citrus such as grapefruit, orange rind and candied lemons. Certainly some funky yeast characters in the mix, introducing the farmhouse element with the spicy phenols and earthy barnyard grains. Refreshing and somewhat grassy in the tail.
This one would surely get the convo flowing between mates at a craft beer bar that’s for sure. On its merits it’s a fairly decent drop with its dominant yeasty funk mixed with the fruity citrus of a pale ale. The result = a fine offering.

Boatrocker Brewing Co ‘Saison du Bateau’ Saison


17952510_680292878821527_6695227122620903019_n“This is Saison du Bateau, a pretty straightforward take on the French / Belgian farmhouse style that’s on fairly wide release, the other Gaston that you’ll find elsewhere on the site. Du Bateau is a pale golden, slightly hazy affair that offers up an array of pilsner malt sweetness, some citrus aromas and plenty of spicy characters from the yeast – both of the peppery and clove varieties – before finishing with a prickly dryness. Or, as the brewery puts it: “A line and length saison”.

Served in a beer tulip. Hazy, light amber body that’s capped off with a healthy three finger head. It steadily reduced eventually establishing a rocky overlay that deposits a thick, soapy lace down the walls of the glass.
Nice dry, yeasty aroma with minimal funk and plenty of uplift from the citric acidity. We’re getting a good impression of yeasty/spicy phenols that are somewhat medicinal in its delivery. Banana runts, peach and subtle hints of pear and pepper also get a look in. All in all a very traditional and highly aromatic nose.
Quite light on and fizzy in texture with elevated Co2 and a mild drying bitterness (30 IBU). Very well hidden alcohol content (6.4%) we must say. Mild-medium body. A pleasant little quaffer so far.
Delicious blend of bubblegum, spice and fruit esters upfront. A touch of that barnyard funk/horse blanket is introduced midway. It progresses with mild citrus and angostura bitters before it finishes on a crisp, fruity note with good length in the tail.
Immensely enjoyable saison here. Nothing too outlandish, just hitting the right notes all the way through. Loving the crisp and refreshing feel of the beer, certainly opens itself up to be a solid summer quencher. One we could surely return to.

Hawkers Beer Saison


17798944_671346569716158_7669213768707755008_n“Refreshing, effervescent, cloudy-golden and complex, this is our take on the traditional Wallonian Saison.”

Served in a beer tulip. Super hazy straw yellow with a rocky two finger cap over the top. The head retains quite well and weaves a fine lace down the walls of the glass.
Gorgeous and classic saison aroma. Bursting with all that yeasty sweetness, pepper, herbs, banana and clove. Getting a faint hint of tart lemons but it’s more ripe and juicy with suggestions of angostura bitters and white grapes. Bubblegum, barnyard and a watermelon-like scent also begin to creep in as it settles. A very well executed aroma. Superb, even.
Nice and frothy in the mouth, partly due to the elevated Co2. Very mild acidity and only 5.6% ABV so it’s incredibly approachable. Mild-medium body.
The taste follows the nose with just the slightest bit of tartness coming through on the front palate. Pleasantly countered by this estery sweetness that offers candied fruits, bubblegum and earthy spice. Some herbal hop notes flanking the somewhat wheaty notes through the mid as it signs off on a grainy and slightly sweet malty finish. Fairly good endurance on the rear.
Another very well structured beer from Hawkers. As we’ve mentioned in a recent review these guys seem to nail down the basics and produce true-to-style interpretations that really hit the spot. Looking forward to their next offering.

Brasserie Fantome ‘Printemps’ Saison


17425133_663798870470928_1496761124360685004_n“Light, fruity and champagne-like. Fantôme brews special seasonal beers, never repeating a recipe from year to year. This one is for spring.”

We Love the time and effort that goes in to bottling these type of beers. The cap is popped then uncorked and served in to a Trappist tulip. Gorgeous candy red centre that works to amber edges. The pour generates a big fluffy three finger head that settles to a thick overlay, leaving a decent lace trail sticking to the glass.
The trademark funky barnyard aroma is offering really good uplift on the nose. Heady notes of horse blanket, tart citrus, angostura bitters, clove and freshly cracked black pepper mingle with a subtle dry and dusty character that provides another layer of earthy complexity. Definitely getting some herbal undertones in here too. Kind of sweet and floral infused honey malt structure filling it out. Lovely stuff….very intricate.
Quite an interesting texture. It’s all upfront, the rush of acidity, the frothy Co2 and the warmth from the 8% ABV come on strong then mellows in to a malty and slightly dry back palate.
Same kind of deal in flavour. We get the funky and tart citrus, herbal tones, black pepper and other earthy Asian spices on the fore. That black pepper spiciness really prevails, setting up the long dry bitterness until the close. Somewhat of a doughy/bready malt base coming through the mid but it tapers off and clears the way for the dry and bitter finish to hang around on a length.
We can see these guys (like plenty of others in Europe) are still adamant on sticking to the green bottle! We’re happy ours isn’t skunked but furthermore it tasted lovely and fresh, full on with the citrus funk, spicy, musty and herbal. Not overly boozy either, quite pleasant to drink. A delicious Wallonian-style classic.

Brasserie Fantome ‘Fantome de Noel’ Spiced Saison


16832095_649894041861411_7073346132124926791_n“With Fantôme De Noel, brewer Dany Prignon has created a very dark and entirely unique holiday seasonal beer.  A rich, dark-flavored beer with lots of deep-roasted chocolate malt, but still fairly dry, with a hint of sourness at the core. It is very spicy, with some winter spruce flavor in the bargain.”

Served in a Trappist tulip. This attractive little number pours a murky chestnut hue with a relatively well retained two finger head. It eventually peels back to a fine film with a few patches of soapy lace clinging to the glass.
The aroma is unbelievably complex. The main scents we continually end up returning to are quince paste, marmalade and pickled ginger. From there it includes everything from lemon gelato, cracked pepper and dates to canned apricots, plum sauce and ginger bread. A total mixed bag if we’ve ever seen one! Perplexing but amazing at the same time.
The mouth feel is quite dense and chewy with a firm warmth from the 10% ABV. Co2 is moderate with hints of dryness forming on the rear. Certainly a steady quaffer this one.
The flavour is absolutely mind blowing. It opens up with an intricate fusion of mixed spice, alcohol, tart plums and mildly acidic lemon. Each sip uncovers a different flavour too as raisins/dates and a rich toffee malty sweetness works in. Those earthy spices like nutmeg and clove carry forward in to a boozy finish that offers spice, tart lemon, figs and bitter citrus notes in the tail.
While we can say that we’re impressed by the depth and overall intricacy of the beer it’s maybe a little too over the top for our liking. Let’s finish by saying it would take a very adventurous palate to enjoy this. Impressive, but far from a “return to” beer.

Sauce Brewing Co. ‘Saucy’ Saison


15894605_628252927358856_58136733951194437_n“The People’s Choice! Back in early October we asked our fans to take part in a poll, where they would vote for their favourite beer style. When the results were in we created our take on the winning style and brewed it up, just in time for our launch party on the 11th of November. And the winner by a close margin was the Saison! This is our take on the farmhouse ale – a unique blend of noble and new-world hops, with two different kinds of yeast come together for a wonderfully aromatic Saison.”

Served in a wide rimmed tulip. We’re met with a hazy golden hue that sports a gushing three finger head. It’s trimmed to a healthy overlay that dispenses a splattering of lace as it ebbs.
Quite yeasty on the nose. We’re getting some strong spicy notes, lots of oriental herbs, citronella oil, lemon candy, bubblegum, peach and a subtle barnyard funk. Tonnes of character here with an excellent blend of sweet fruits and yeasty phenols. Strong start.
The mouth feel is dry and tart with good Co2 levels. We get a slight acidity along with a very mild warmth from the 6% ABV. Mild-medium in body.
Similar to the aroma it’s very yeasty upfront, almost cloying in its delivery. A mild line of acidity cuts through the spicy and estery characters that precede a fusion of herbal and grassy hops midway. This saison finished on a very dry note with hints of funky barnyard, earth and candied lemons that retain well on the rear palate.
We’re not totally bowled over by it but it’s certainly a decent new world interpretation of the style. It’s got all the yeasty spice, funk and acidity one would want from a saison, along with the subtle fruits and grassy accents from the hops. A fine offering.

Brasserie Fantome Saison


15319135_608530799331069_8894778466118410638_n“This is a tremendously delicious, textural, and fizzy county ale, bright gold colour, citric and sour, reminiscent of a good champagne or lambic but in a class all its own.
Fantôme – Golden ale, 8% alc. by volume, with a wonderfully musty and characterful aroma. There are many drinkers out there who believe this is the “Nectar of the Gods.” Certainly no other brewer makes beer like this, in Belgium or anywhere. How many beers of 8% plus offer such fresh fruitiness? A solid Belgian saison beer at its base, with an unusual overlay of fruitiness.”

Uncapped, uncorked then served in to a wide rimmed tulip. Fantôme pours a cloudy golden orange hue that’s capped off by a head that swells to about two fingers before it retracts and settles to a wispy overlay that laces well.
The aroma is incredible, every time we take a whiff we pick up some new scent. Initially we get a citric sweetness that has uncanny similarities to a lemon, lime and bitters. Our 2nd crack uncovers a fair amount of spice – clove, pepper, aniseed and lemongrass are the most discernible. Herbs also come through quite strong (mainly a minty tone), hints of fleshy mango and rockmelon, strawberry, barnyard and an all round funky sourness at its core. So much depth and character on the nose.
The texture of the beer is somewhat light and silky with a fairly decent body filling it out. The 8% ABV is well concealed. Mild acidity.
We taste a spicy warmth emphasized by a delicate heat from the booze upfront. Yeasty phenols, musty barnyard notes and tart citrus take charge through a slightly sweet middle of honey and apricot before she punctuates with a mildly dry, fruity and spicy finish. Good endurance on to the back end as well.
That’s a damn fine Saison! A true interpretation of the Wallonian style. It’s a melting pot of spice, herbs and tangy citrus with the musty barnyard notes and restrained sourness that makes it a perfect summer drop but could well be enjoyed in either Autumn or Spring. Very versatile, very tasty. Classy stuff.

Prickly Moses Handcrafted Beer Saison


14915437_590238367826979_4240165094208172123_n“A Belgian styled Saison, the use of a specific Saison yeast imparts typical tartness as well as underlying wine notes, with one of the yeast strains in the mix having red wine origins. Golden in colour with an astringent dryness, making this a refreshing Belgian ale. Saison is brewed with pure Otway rainwater. This beer is one of three in the Otway Trilogy Series of French and Belgian Farmhouse Ales, others include Reserve De Otway and Farmhouse Ale (7.2%)”

Served in a wide rimmed tulip. Pouring a hazy amber hue with a fizzy two finger head on top. It doesn’t hold up for long as it collapses to a ring without much lace on the glass. The nose presents as somewhat conventional in its delivery of champagne-like citric funk and spicy notes. Fruit esters, fresh pear, banana runts and bubblegum all tie in beautifully with the super sweet malt backing. Maybe just a slight impression of bitters coming through too. The texture of the beer is light and a little gassy with energetic Co2. The 7.2% ABV only mildly reveals itself with a warming heat on the back end. Low bitterness. Mild-medium in body. We’re getting quite a bit of yeasty spice, sweet malts and candied orange on entry. Just a hint of tartness underlining it as a taste of fresh coriander and white pepper bridges the mid palate. The finish is dry, musty and spicy with a considerable amount of funk closing it out. She’s a bit of a stayer too as it really draws out some length in the tail. That’s a pretty good crack at this traditional French style. We like how it’s sold in 750ml bottles because once the 7.2% ABV is considered this beer could easily substitute a bottle of champagne. The similarities in Co2, citrus and its dry refreshing texture make for a perfect replacement. And it pairs well with a whole range of different cuisine! Not bad.

Feral Brewing Company ‘Ace Of Base’ Imperial India Saison


14601129_576705135846969_4489009610819960104_n“When we managed to get our hands on some Sorachi Ace hops we certainly saw the sign and were inspired to pull this golden oldie out from our back catalogue. Ace of Base is brewed to showcase Sorachi Ace hops which deliver a front of stage citrus explosion, in perfect rhythm with a dry and assertive bitterness out back, leaving a delicious resinous hop mouthfeel that’s off the charts.”

Served in a wide rimmed tulip. She pours a cloudy golden hue with a fizzy two finger cap over the top. The head gradually reduces and establishes a fine film with some scattered patches of lace left in its wake. The aroma packs a lot of sorachi citrus punch initially. Plenty of lemon and lime as the label suggests. This certainly adds to the apparent tartness which gives the aroma it’s funky character. More subtle suggestions of orange and pineapple come through as undertones of coriander leaves and white pepper rounds it all out. Really fresh and snappy on the nose. The mouth feel is frothy, slightly sharp and dry in the finish. The Co2 provides a pleasant tingling sensation while an assertive bitterness penetrates upfront but planes in to the swallow. In flavour the citrus notes come on a bit sharper as opposed to the creamier and almost sorbet-like texture it offers on the nose. We’re sure that the 8.3% ABV definitely plays a considerable role in that. Subtle notes of peppery spice strengthen the alcohol burn as bold herbaceous notes introduce a prickly, grassy and ultimately dry and bitter finish. We’re a little split between the aroma and flavour here. The nose presented some really aromatic qualities whereas the the palate was slightly unbalanced and seemed to favour the booze a bit too much. In saying that the sorachi ace hops shone through and featured well throughout the beer. Some pros and cons but essentially it’s fun, summery and quite easy to put back. Not bad.

Victory/Dogfish Head/Stone ‘Saison du Buff’ Saison


14333740_567939883390161_265506784852202398_n“This saison has been infused with a herbaceous blend of Stone Farms and locally harvested sage, lemon thyme, rosemary and parsley and dry-hopped with Citra hops for a refreshing finish. First brewed in 2010, this citrusy farmhouse ale was named Saison du BUFF in tribute to the ad hoc coalition that Sam (Dogfish Head), Bill (Victory) and Greg (Stone) formed in 2003. Called Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor (BUFF), it was their way to show the beer industry that they were banding together to make room on the shelf for craft beer. Six years later this farm-to-kettle beer still boasts the use of freshly picked local herbs as well as Citra and Centennial hops to infuse crisp, savory, mouthwatering flavors.”

Served in a wide rimmed tulip. The hazy amber pour knocks up a modest finger of loosely held foam. The head doesn’t take long to collapse as it settles to a thick ring with minimal lacing. The aroma smells really fresh and herbal with subtle lashes of citrus peel and lemon cutting through. The bottle shows parsley, sage, rosemary and lemon thyme as additional ingredients in the brew and we tell you what, they certainly shine through. Only a very delicate dry barnyard-like character to it. Acidity is mild and the bretty funk that is often a trait of Saisons is also pretty restrained. Not a lot going on really. Just a crisp, herbal and refreshing aroma. The texture in the mouth is fizzy and mineraly with vigorous Co2. The 52 IBU provides a healthy bitterness while the 6.8% ABV is masked nicely. Drinks well and keeps with the light, crisp character of the beer. From the first sip through to the finish the fresh herbs and crisp bitterness would have to be the dominant flavours. Hints of spice and lemon develop late in the mid as it leads in to the dry and herbaceous finish with good duration on the back palate. We must admit when we saw that three of America’s best breweries collaborated on a Saison we almost wet ourselves. The unfortunate thing is it’s just not that exciting. It’s a little one-dimensional and at times could be mistaken for a Witbier. The herbs have been used well but that’s about it. Nice and light, crisp and highly palatable but when it comes down to it, it’s just your run of the mill Saison.

Stillwater Artisanal ‘Classique’ Saison


13511004_533793013471515_5327857696572279476_n“Post-Prohibition Style (ale).. corn, rice, pilsner malt.. and lots of your favorite old-school American hops.. “your Grandfather’s new beer.”

Served in a shaker glass. Pouring a cloudy straw yellow with a two finger cap forming on top. The head is retained well, gradually reducing to a fine overlay with patches of thick blotchy lace being strewn down the glass. Quite a classic or should we say “classique” saison aroma – heavy on spices (clove, pepper and nutmeg) artificial fruits (bubblegum, banana runts, citrus) orange peel, herbs and slightly musty barnyard notes. Hints of that mineral-like earthiness comes through as do subtle undertones of lemonade and champagne. Very traditional style saison on the nose. In the mouth it’s super smooth with a lively effervescence. Moderate acidity and mild-medium in body. Minimal bitterness but a delicate dryness develops on the back end. Nice overall feel. Pretty funky upfront with an emphasis on lemon/citric tang. A fresh herbaceous flavour hinges off it and carries hints of grass and citrusy hops through the mid. We get that peppery spiciness creeping in before a soft, dry finish somewhat tapers off without much duration to the rear palate. Look, it’s not a mind blowing saison but it’s certainly got the base traditional characters here. Its downfall may lie with the brewers idea of modelling it off the “American industrial lager” which would explain the lack of body and length. Either way you look at it it’s not a bad drop, it’s just nothing memorable.

To OL ‘Peardon My French’ Saison


13055431_507043339479816_7674714848352938382_n“Cider-like Saison brewed with Pears and aged on Sauterne barrels. This crisp ale is straw coloured and sparkling using only Pilsner Malt and Unmalted Wheat, however we used Cider yeast  and brewed it with Pears and used Calypso hops, to layer this beer with fruit flavours. This beer was then infused in Sauterne barrels, a sweet French wine, with Brett added into the barrels.”

Served from a 750ml bottle in to a beer tulip. The clear golden hue is capped off by a billowing three finger crown that’s retained really well. As the head retreats a smattering of thick, blotchy lace is left clinging to the walls of the glass. Quite a strong aroma here, definitely getting a lot of fruits coming through. A good whack of ripe citrus, custard apple, pear and white grapes balance out the slightly dry and dusty barnyard characters. A hint of yeasty funk imparts spicy notes of pepper and clove along with a subtle breadiness. Maybe a light undertone of oak as well. Really nice aroma, well layered too. In the mouth it’s silky smooth with a somewhat gelatinous texture. Acidity is mild for a saison and the Co2 is moderate. Not overly heavy although there is some weight adding good body and fullness to it. The flavour follows on from the aroma nicely. A certain citrus tang hits the palate along with ripe orange, a hint of grapes and a mild oaky tannin upfront. A delicate Bretty funk then develops as suggestions of fleshy pear are tasted midway. Sweet malts, apple/pear and a wine-like fruitiness rounds out this lovely saison. Really nice drop. It’s much sweeter than most other saisons we’ve tried, almost sugary at times but the balance between the sweetness, the mild oak and the Bretty funk is impeccable. These Danish brewers show their class once again. Solid offering.

Prairie Artisan Ales ‘Standard’ Saison


12670465_474636552720495_5769401321046541878_n“Prairie Standard is our everyday beer. Its a light, crisp saison with a hoppy finish. This beer is dry hopped 1lb per bbl with Motueka hops. A lovely New Zealand hop with a spicy lime like flavor and aroma.”

Due to a recent shipment of Prairie Ales to our foreign shores bottle shops and craft beer lovers alike have been in a frenzy trying to buy up before they all sell out. Thankfully we got in quick as anything from this American breweries range is rare down under and not to be missed. Served in a wide-rimmed tulip glass. The pale straw yellow pour builds a frothy two finger head that rapidly shrinks down to a thin sheet with reasonable lace trailing behind it. Instantly the olfactory’s are energized by a lovely fusion of funky yeast and fruity hops. Plenty of that sweet and artificial banana and bubblegum that’s working well in to the refreshing lemon and lime, resulting in a lifted and very summery character. Some subtle barnyard notes, spices and apple/pear also offer another level of light, dry funkiness. Maybe a hint of apricot as it begins to warm. Very nice. A somewhat mineraly texture in the mouth. Not overly dry and the acidity is quite mild. Co2 is vibrant and the body is light-medium. She’s pretty palatable. It kind of has that homemade lemon soda flavour to it upfront. Musty notes of hay and wheat are introduced as the mid turns on a gentle bitterness. A soft peppery spice develops before a dry and dusty finish completes it. The hop bitterness holds a tight grip on the back palate displaying some decent length. What we love about Saisons is their versatility. This drop could be drunk all year round but for maximum enjoyment crack one in the warmer months by the pool….or the barby….or even in one hand while the other is in the water getting munched by a massive catfish as the label suggests. Either way it’s tough not to like. Solid offering.

Bridge Road Brewers ‘Chevalier’ Saison


12523125_466780470172770_5037448680604989173_n“The Saison is a classic Belgian style, not often seen outside of its homeland. It was traditionally brewed by farmers and their workers as a beverage to consume during the summer months. Bridge Road Brewers have crafted their own Saison to add to their Chevalier range. This beer is quite unique, light straw in colour, with a tight bright white head. Aromas are dominated by esters and phenolic characters, owing to the Saison yeast strain, which also gives the beer its characteristic tart, dry and acidic profile.”

Served in a beer tulip. Atop sits a fizzy three finger head which retreats to a thin overlay. As it ebbs a healthy amount of sudsy lacing follows a somewhat milky, straw-golden body down. Very light and summery on the nose with wafts of candied lemon, passion fruit, vanilla and banana yet quite complex too as yeast scents of clove, bubblegum, white pepper and a dry barnyard mustiness also comes forward. Only a slight acidity is detected, in fact it’s probably more of a tart fruit character than anything else. Very approachable so far. In the mouth it’s light on with a dry texture and spritzy Co2. Again, acidity is mild but a discernible tartness does provide that saliva-inducing quality to the tongue. The front palate yields a dry mustiness that’s laced nicely with esters, spices and yeasty phenols. A restrained fruity tartness carries it all across the mid and in turn delivers a dry, yeasty finish with a hint of citrus and vines on the back end. Essentially it’s a pretty faultless Saison, although you could say it’s also quite “safe” at the same time. It’s light, tasty, a little complex but highly approachable. Kudos to Bridge Road Brewers, we liked it.

De Ranke “De Dottignies’ Saison


imageWe’ve actually been having quite a bit of trouble finding any useful information on this Saison. It is our first crack at this breweries range but what we found peculiar is the fact that they don’t list this as one of their beers on their website. So, apologies for that, we’ll move on.

Unwrapped, popped and served from the 750ml bottle in to a beer tulip. Not much of a hiss upon cracking it but a hazy yet bright amber hue is topped off by a healthy three finger cap anyway. The head reduces quite rapidly to a fingernail’s height with wavy lace patterns trailing it down. Similar to all good Saison’s, this aroma is dry, yeasty and slightly funky. A mild lemon tartness leads out with a soft clove spiciness right behind. We do get a bit of that artificial banana lolly yeastiness but in fact it’s more stone fruit-like, either apricot or peach. The malts have a white bread crustiness to them, becoming more doughy once the beer comes up to room temperature. Really nice. So light but maintaining that funky complexity on the nose. Quite a frothy texture in the mouth. Co2 is medium-high while the body is mild-medium. No ABV stated on the bottle but numerous websites put it at 5.5% which would explain the light feel and lack of alcohol burn. The palate initially offers up a delicious combination of pear, fruit esters, hay and a dry, grassy hop bitterness that persists on through the mid. A peppery spice, a kind of mineraly note and a soft citric acidity forms before a dry, peppery finish rounds it all out. Good length. Wow! Plenty going on here. Shows the brewing skills posessed as the complexity is layered and gels very nicely. Nothing clashes, just a really well constructed Saison. Solid offering.

Edge brewing/Stillwater Artisanal ales ‘Angel of Zest’ finger lime saison


imageA tantalising saison that is dry and slightly zesty ale with farmhouse tones. We infuse this ale with finger limes, a native australian fruit, known as the caviar of the Citrus world. The limes are hand peeled for the zest and steeping the extract of its aromatic oils provides a tangy, tart belgian style ale.

wow, we like the sound of these little limes. Hadn’t even heard of them before this so well done australia. Pours exactly like a coopers pale ale with a fluffy white 1 finger head with lots of carbonation seen at the base of the head. The nose is like a lager with a mild lime aroma, and subtle belgian yeast in the background. First sip is interesting. There is mild Belgian undertones, combined with what tastes like mild lager malt. A good swish around the mouth shows up decent carbonation, and a definite tartness from the fruit used. There is moderate bitterness in the mouth after each sip from the citrus. We get some of the 5.5% alc vol here after each mouthful. Bit thin on the back palate though. We not quite sure about this beer. It lacks serious flavour. We know that limes are the showcase but it’s leaves a dry, lager like palate, with very little else. Sure it’s a smooth drop, but we were expecting far more saison like flavours. It’s just not exciting. We may as well have bought a 6 pack of commercial lager. Disappointing.

Exit Brewing ‘#006’ Saison


11838789_439263676257783_4399148358795932553_o“Course of the saisons continues. For #001 we wanted Nelson Sauvin, we couldn’t get it so pulled a last minute sub of Sorachi Ace. This time we got Nelson, but couldn’t get Galaxy. We must have abused hops in a previous life.”

This is our first entry for this Victorian brewery. Like many other home brewers turned gypsy brewers, these two lads from Melbourne are yet to open their own establishment, so for now they brew their craft out of Cavalier’s tanks. Served in to a wide-rimmed tulip glass. A hazy straw-golden pour arouses a big, fluffy three finger crown that leisurely peels away and settles to a thick coating that persists. Draws some healthy lacing. Nice, strong aroma. Big and yeasty with a tonne of spice emanating. Pepper, clove and coriander are the dominant scents while a hint of vanilla and cardamon also creep in. Moderate acidity, we get a subtle candied lemon character while suggestions of orange peel are also in here. Maybe a faint hint if bubblegum and passion fruit just to sweeten the deal. Really nice, good start to this beer. We get quite a mineraly texture in the mouth. The Co2 levels are vibrant, giving a real lively effervescence on the tongue. Modest body and the 6.2% ABV is nicely fused in among the assembly of flavours. Great balance. A little bit of funky barnyard/hay and spice initiates the palate. A slightly assertive bitterness also shows up, carrying it all forward through the mid. Some soft citric notes develop late and lead in to a dry, grassy/herbal finish. Fine duration ensures a long, drawn out conclusion. We must admit we are very surprised by the quality of this drop. All the traditional Saison characters are here while the use of hops such as Sorachi Ace and Citra have been executed to perfection. Damn fine brew here, we really enjoyed it.