Slow Lane ‘Continuum’ BA Farmhouse Ale


“Continuum is the follow up to the first beer we ever brewed, Foundation. A farmhouse ale open fermented with a Belgian Saison yeast strain, then aged in oak barrels with Lacto souring bacteria and Brett yeast for 16 months. Very dry, highly carbonated with pleasant acidity and fruity and spicy yeast esters.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Golden yellow pour with very little Co2 activity. Literally zero head retention so zero lacing was to be expected.

Aroma: The lacto sourness is picked up immediately. It has that subtle mustiness along with damp sauna room and cheese cave. We’re picking up some white wine vinegar and lime juice as well. More conventional Saison notes of Angostura bitters, farmyard, wheat grains, peppery spice and orchard fruits also coming forward. Just the slightest oak accent too. We must say it’s a really impressive aroma.

Flavour: Not quite as much character and cut-through as the nose but there’s still plenty on offer. It kinda does this role reversal where we can taste the classic fruity esters, Angostura bitters, wheat grains and spice then the musty, damp and oaky qualities form late and finish it off. Rather dry, not only in the finish but throughout.

Mouthfeel: Light on and mineraly with a very mildly sparkling Co2. The body is firm and the 6.4% ABV is tucked away nicely.

Overall: Another fine addition to this brewery’s bag of tricks. We really dig the use of lactobacillus in it…the end result is this kind of 80% Saison/20% Lambic blend which gives it some real depth and sophistication.