Brew moon ‘Broomfield’ Brown ale


image“A malty, brown ale showing fruity chracters from the ale yeast which enhance the flavours of the toasty brown and biscuit malts”.

Another interest arousing beer from these relatively underground craft beer brewers coming out of Canterbury, New Zealand. Served in a shaker glass the gorgeous dark tawny copper pour is lit up by attractive orange hues. The 2 finger beige head swells and recoils, eventually settling to a thin cap of foam over the top. Reasonable lacing. For a darker beer the aroma has a lovely refreshing element to it. A firm presence of pine and citrus come forward while the darker crystal malts offer biscuity tones, cocoa and a hint of nuts that come through underneath. In the mouth it’s mildly carbonated and medium bodied. The texture is slightly thin but this may have something to do with the low ABV (4%). On the tongue there’s a suggestion of sweet malts and caramel upfront. A delicate and overripe fruity character develops through the mid (maybe plum or berries) with a slightly bitter and roasted finish to round it off. For such a low strength brew the body and the flavours are held up well. Quite a unique brown ale and it certainly makes for a sessional dark beer. Not a bad drop from these little known Kiwi brewers. Not bad at all.